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Use mislead in a sentence. An example of to mislead is for a man to flirt with a woman in whom he is really not interested. Sentences Sentence examples. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. People will see it as Author Name with your public flash cards. Mislead is defined as to bring in the wrong direction or give the wrong idea. YourDictionary definition and usage example. Link to this page.

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Related to intentional: Intentional infliction of emotional distress , Intentional communities. Done deliberately; intended: an intentional slight. See Synonyms at voluntary. Philosophy philosophy a. See also intensional. Switch to new thesaurus.

But thanks to the new online dating landscape, the language of love has a social media photo that’s posted to intentionally create attention.

Top definition. To take oneself out when one has no date. I couldn’t find anyone to go out with me, so I decided to masturdate. I took myself out for dinner and a movie. Aug 18 Word of the Day. Are they a girl or a boy? Neither , they’re an enby! Masturdate is an intentional pun of masturbate. Usually, a successful masturdate is followed by myriad hours of masturbation.

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Our law firm is still here for you during this time of uncertainty. We are open and conducting business without interruption. Accepted Claim. A claim in which the insurance company accepts that your injury or illness will be covered by workers compensation. A statement of acceptance of responsibility.

Learning Across Contexts: A Multiple Case Study of Mobile Dictionary in Chinese EFL learners’ Incidental and Intentional Vocabulary Learning.

Do you wake up every morning ready to face the day? Are you generally happy? Do you feel engaged and excited to live your life? Every day I practice living an intentional life I experience happiness, engagement, and excitement just to wake up and greet the day. The secret is living intentionally. It means you are purposeful in word and action.

It means you live a life that is meaningful and fulfilling to you. It means you make thoughtful choices in your life. Being intentional means you actively interact and engage with your life.

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In academic, historical, and archaeological circles, A. Dates are determined by a variety of processes, including chemical analyses as in radiocarbon dating and thermoluminescence , data correlation as in dendrochronology , and a variety of other tests. See Relative Dating.

Date of formal separation. Code Refers to the intentional or unintentional taking of an excessive Source Document: National Health Data Dictionary.

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Dictionary of Philosophy of Mind. Search this site. Home About Index Contributors Sitemap. There are different ways to navigate the dictionary. A strategy, proposed and defended by Daniel Dennett, for understanding an entity’s behavior.

You won’t find the term in a dictionary, but I would say that intentional dating involves three basic elements: Having an intention (a purpose or.

Source edition Please read the Introduction to find out about this dictionary and our plans for it. Caution, many entries have not been updated since the edition. Greek symbols may not appear correctly in some browsers. In astronomy, the apparent angular displacement of the position of a celestial body in the direction of motion of the observer, caused by the combination of the velocity of the observer and the velocity of light.

See constant of aberration, planetary aberration. Compare parallax. In optics, a specific deviation from perfect imagery, as, for example: spherical aberration, coma, astigmatism, curvature of field, and distortion. See heat shield , ablation. Ablating materials are used on the surfaces of some reentry vehicles to absorb heat by removal of mass, thus blocking the transfer of heat to the rest of the vehicle and maintaining temperatures within design limits.

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Last edited on Jul 27 Submitted by Chuck S. Damn, that is one fine honey! See more words with the same meaning: attractive person either gender. Last edited on Nov 09 Submitted by julie m.

unintentional; unconscious: an involuntary gesture. Physiology. acting From the Late Latin word involuntārius, dating back to – See in-, voluntary.

But what does it mean, and how do you go about dating intentionally? Leading well, being intentional, and frankly being a real man are all closely related. Having a Purpose Anytime you are dating someone, or even just going on a first date, there should be a reason for it. Heading Towards Marriage or a Break-up When we talk about having a purpose when dating, I should clarify that it needs to be a good purpose.

Many people go on dates with the purpose of having a one-night stand or making someone else jealous. So, the goal for any particular dating relationship is to get to know the person well enough to determine if you do want to marry them. Being Clear Dating always involves two people, one of whom is not you. So, besides having a purpose for dating, you also need to let the other person know what your intentions are.

Remember, the goal is to get to know them and see whether you want to pursue the relationship further.

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Custom Search. The intentional dating dictionary. Jappy profil erstellen. Dec 5, Hey bb, it’s been 3 months since you swiped right. Should we DTR?

To date, the intentional production of CNs is assumed to have ended, however, remaining use is still possible. , .

And that’s because the queer community has its softbois too. For years, since the early s, posts on Tumblr referenced an early iteration of the tenderqueer, which has changed slightly. Now, they’re hard to define, but easy to recognise. Or maybe you are one yourself. The tenderqueer has no problem getting laid. Their laidback attitude and ability to look genuinely stylish in clothes usually reserved for nursery school children is like a magnet for fellow queers hanging around basements in Peckham and Deptford.

Their aptitude for giving home haircuts with any nearby implements, or their propensity for gifting you with a vegan wax candle they made during a poetry residence in France makes you want to just be near them. Tenderqueers are especially adept at using the watery language of therapy as a means to get out of most things.

Introducing: The Tenderqueer, the Softboi of the Queer Community

In insurance parlance, a term that is included within the insuring agreement of many types of liability insurance. In most cases, however, common law becomes the determinant of what is, or is not, an accident for purposes of triggering coverage. BM coverage applies to loss or damage resulting from an accident to a covered object. The term accident was undefined in such policies. In this type of policy, the term accident is used in its ordinary sense, without including it as a defined term.

the sovereigns of England for more than years, together with the date of accession to the throne, and the length of reign. BLACK’S LAW DICTIONARY has​.

Enter a Legal Term. Search the Definitions. Usually a judge, a trial setting commissioner, or the clerk of the court calendars cases. Cancelling can be done in several ways: tear up the document or mark on its face that it is cancelled, void, or terminated if the debt for which it stood has been paid. It is important that the document like a promissory note itself Such corporal punishment as a specific punishment or sent Canon law comprises ordina Capital expenditures supposedly increase the value of company assets and are usually intended to improve productivity.

Capital gains taxes can be a terrible financial shock to individuals who bought a house or business many years ago for the going price and now find it is highly valued, greatly due to inflation. Crimes punishable by death vary from state to state and country to country. In 38 American states these offenses may include first degree murder premedita

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